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Chloe Lamour oiled up and nailed hard on both her holes

Curvy lovers let us unite once again to celebrate the coming of Chloe Lamour. This gorgeous babe is voluptuous as hell and we love how she presents herself by wearing a skimpy swimsuit. It highlights her sexiness and her tempting privates. She is at the rooftop late in the afternoon as she starts showing off the goodies that we are talking about. Those are some huge titties out there. She also exposes her big booty in closeup. We love how Chloe squeezes it up right there, as she knows guys who watch her are requesting it as well.

You will notice her adorable smile. She is a real beauty and she got those dimples and pouty lips. That makes her so cute as well. The combination of her cuteness and her pornstar body makes her one of a kind as she starts to get naked. The first she wants us to see is both her tight holes and looks so tempting.

One thing to give credit to Chloe Lamour is that this horny babe starts pouring oil all over her body especially her big knockers. She plays with it using her hands while giving us that naughty smile. After that, she immediately asked for a cock and she grabbed it with her hands before sucking the heck out of it. This POV blowjob is definitely a must watch as does this while staring naughtily in front of the camera. Watch those thick lips working on that shaft making her partner hard.

This temptress is ready for fucking as she got fucked up close in her shaved pussy. You can see she fingers it as well and with the combination of her getting oiled up together with her pussy juices makes this a must watch. You will notice her oily curvy legs, as well as Chloe Lamour, getting that cock in missionary position. She keeps on fingering and fondling her pussy while her partner grabbed her big titties as it keeps on juggling. Who can resist that view while fucking this beauty?

The guy shifted from screwing her lovehole into her gaping hole. This time you can see that juicy real orgasm dripping down from her pussy. Now we know Chloe is multi-orgasmic when she does anal sex. They shifted the position in Doggystyle as the guy starts to fondle and slap that butt while taking that cock as hard as she can. This position makes this horny babe smile as she loves dog style so much both keeps on doing it in this position.

After the exhausting missionary and dog style position they shifted in the spoon position and this time you can see how great her goodies are. They go back into missionary and the hardcore fuck starts to get rough. Chloe Lamour stretches her legs wide before she stretches one of her legs up. That asshole really devours that cock fully as she keeps on getting fuck deep inside of her tight gaping hole.

It was time for cum spraying action as she begs for her partner to cum by jerking that cock. With just a moment you can see that huge load getting splunked on that huge tits. The best thing is that she does a titfuck. Everyone loves to see that especially how busty Chloe Lamour is. Great way to end a tiring hardcore session with this hot full-bosomed babe from Slovakia.

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